How to Add the Calendar to Your iPhone

The Plano East Senior High Cross Country calendar is a Google calendar. You can add thePlano East Senior High Cross Country calendar to your iPhone.

The Google calendar address for the Plano East Senior High Cross Country is…

The ICAL (Apple’s calendar format) for the Plano East Senior High Cross Country is…

Step 1: On your iPhone, choose a main calendar, lets call it calendar 1, add that calendar to the iphone as a microsoft exchange account through email use these instructions,  (

Step 2:  Go to other google calendar accounts and share calendar with the main calendar 1 account by going to the calendar settings in sub accounts and chose to share calendar and use the email for the main account to share it.
Step 3: Go to calendar 1 account on the computer and accept the invitiation for shared calendar
Step 5: Check the box for the additional calendar
Step 6: On the mobile device (your iphone) go the the, choose the icon for google sync
Step 7: Sign into your calendar google account.
Step 8: Chose the device listed, should say iPhone and some other text next to it.
Step 9: It will show you the same screen as in step 5, check the box for all sub accounts
Step 10: In whatever time frame you have chosen to push your info on the iphone, check back to your ICAL and you will see the second calendar listed under you microsoft exchange calender in the ICAL on your iPhone and the second calendar will be listed (or however many you add) – push default on the iphone is set to only fetch mail upon launching the application. You may change the fetching frequency. For example changing it to 15 minutes — on your iPhone choose settings>mail, contacts, calendars>fetch new data