"It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”
- Vince Lombardi

How to Add Photos to the Website Photo Gallery

The Plano East Senior High Running website uses a photo sharing process to show photos on the Plano East Running website.
Upload photos to Flickr and tag them with a unique keyword - doing so makes them show up on the Plano East Running website.
Flickr is a photo sharing site (www.flickr.com).  Follow the below steps to share your photos...
1) Get a Flickr user account (they are free).  If you have a Yahoo account, you can use your Yahoo username (Flickr owned by Yahoo)...
IMPORTANT NOTE: When you set up your Yahoo/Flickr account, you must make it visible to the public (not private).  If you make the Flickr account "private", no one can see the account or the photos in the account.
2) Upload your photos to Flickr...
IMPORTANT NOTE: When you upload the photos, you must make sure that they are marked as "public" - to be shared with others.  Those photos that are not shared cannot be seen on the Plano East Running website.
3) Tag the photos with a unique keyword (that follows the below keyword naming convention)...
The unique keyword tag is peshccyyyy (where yyyy is the year). For example: the tag for 2018 is peshcc2018 (for the 2018 cross country season).
To provide better context for the photo's viewers, make sure to put a good description in the title for each photo (on Flickr). The title for each photo should contain the event name, the event date, and the name(s) of the persons in the photo. For example, "Joe Sanchez and Mark Richardson run the Nike South Cross Country race, May 2017". When viewers see the photos, they will also see the title as a caption (the title provides context for the photo).
Note: it takes the Plano East Running website a few minutes to pick up new photos loaded to Flickr.  ThePlano East Running website uses a "feed" of tagged photos from Flickr and needs a few minutes to pick up the feed once photos are loaded/tagged correctly on Flickr.

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